Today our group had homework to Listen to the introduction to American phonetics “Welcome to American Accent Training”. So, there are a couple of things I want to share.

To begin with, Accent is a combination of three main components: intonation (speech music), liaisons (word connections), and pronunciation (the spoken sounds of vowels, consonants, and combinations).

You always can learn a new accent if you will be practice a lot. Here’s a tip for those who train or study accent — If you speak fairly quickly and with strong intonation, you will be understood more easily.

Many people equate accent with pronunciation. I don’t feel this to be true at all. America is a big country, and while the pronunciation varies from the East Coast to the West Coast, from the southern to the northern states, two components that are uniquely American stay basically the same — the speech music, or intonation, and the word connections or liaisons.

A new accent is an adventure. Be bold! Exaggerate wildly! You may worry that Americans will laugh at you for putting on an accent, but I guarantee you, they won’t even notice. They’ll just think that you’ve finally learned to “talk right.” Good luck with your new accent! And in those words, I want to end with the accent.

~Have a nice week~




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