The way I look.

For some reason, I have a little habit of changing something in appearance almost every month, which could be new hair color, hairstyle, piercings, and so on. So I can’t tell you what kind of hair I usually have. Now I have a short haircut. So I’m going to start talking about the color of my hair and the length of my hair. The first time I dyed my hair at the age of 12 with henna, it was a bright red (orange) color, the hair was medium length. Then, about a couple of months later, I dyed my hair red (copper) color. Then I dyed my hair brown. Next, then I dyed my hair black, and then I grew my natural color for a long time, and I made a chemical perm. By the age of 17, my natural hair had no curls and paint and I decided to paint it cold — blond and experimented with gray tones and cut my hair and now I have a short haircut, so all the gray tones were washed and I was walking with blonde and now I’m dyeing in light brown and I’m growing my natural color. I have straight hair and a pale complexion.


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