~The beginning of all~

Fazylyanova Vladislava
2 min readSep 7, 2020

I would like to tell you a little bit about myself here.

Why am I here?

I`ve been planning on going to this university since 9th grade, because I wanted to learn many languages and I decided that LUNN is the best university for that. I`ve been studying hard to pass my exams. So how can you see, my dream come true and now I`m studying at the best university.

What do I expect from my first year of college?

From the first year, I expect that I will improve my knowledge of the English language and learn many disciplines that will help me in my future profession. Also, I hope that I will make a lot of friends and they will help me with studying if I will have problems.

How do I picture my first year at University?

I represent that my first year will be difficult but cheerful. I believe I can do anything. So, I picture that I will be a great student. Also, I`m planning to join creative groups to improve my current skills or join some sports groups.

What do I want from my college experience, ideally?

I hope that knowledge from here will be helpful in my future job or in my daily life. I believe that social skills from that university will be useful in communicating with colleagues from work or with foreign companies.

I tried my best to write this post. This is my first time, so please don`t judge me. I hope you enjoyed it. Write to you later, bye! :)