As I remember it was the end of the summer and it was cold spell. The weather like that was strange, because we didn’t have such a bad weather for a long time and it was an Indian summer in the beginning . It’s been beaten down for most of the week and since I’m a weather-related person, I was under the weather all week. But I clearly remember the bright red skies at sunset, then as for a few hours the rain stopped coming down in buckets and just drizzled. And as weird as it sounds, my friends have had a bad week. Some of them was snowed under the work, others could not concentrate on work, just had their heads in the clouds and often missed deadlines. Also, I remember that my friend had got a bad mark and started crying while we were eating and I just said that it was a storm in a teacup and she always could improve her marks and as I always says — every cloud has a silver lining. At that time we looked out the window and we both saw that the weather was cleared up. I asked her out for a walk and when we came out it was pouring again and my friend said with the brightest smile: ‘It never rains but it pours’.