Home Assignment for 8th December

My friends often call me to go out on Friday nights, but I really get exhausted and I ask them to stay in. They look at me with sadness so they see that I tuckered out. My friends ask me why I’m so exhausted and the reasons are always different. For example, I was up late doing my homework, and I barely slept a night, and I was so sleepy that I fell asleep in class. But I didn’t want to fall asleep, but the eyelids were so heavy that I blinked and I was already in the Morpheus kingdom and I dozed off. When my classmates noticed I was asleep, someone joked that I was chilling all night after-hours parties. Then my friends decided to delay our night out and order in, I go to lie down for a while, then they prepare everything for rest and we have a wonderful time, but unfortunately, I turned in. When my friends noticed that I was asleep they followed my example — crash on my couch and fell asleep with me.