Fazylyanova Vladislava
1 min readMay 8, 2021


If I were asked to direct a movie based on a book, I would choose the following soundtracks for some of the main characters.

Dr. Van Helsing — is the first one who understood what happened with Lucy, he’s an educated doctor with good intuition, and he’s also very risky. I believe that a quiet soundtrack with sharp notes would suit him.

Count Dracula — A vampire who has caused a lot of trouble and is the most mysterious character, a song from an X — files would suit him.

Dr. Seward — a kind man with a big heart, educated doctor a quiet piano soundtrack would suit him.

Jonathan Harker — one of the prisoners of Count Dracula who had been in contact with him (Dracula) for a long time and was constantly under stress, a tense soundtrack would suit him.

There was already a film based on this book and I really liked the actor who was in the role of Dracula, but I think that Keanu Reeves is more suited to this role.