A Letter to Myself

Fazylyanova Vladislava
1 min readJun 6, 2021


Dear I…

I think we can start this letter this way. You’ve really been through a lot, through all the stages of adulthood. And achieved something I never expected of myself. You’ve made great friends, you’re still in university, and you’re trying to help everyone. Your friends have taught you and given you the richest experience you’ve had in all your 18 years.

I remember our fight in the group, there were a lot of fights, we even split up into groups at some point, but now we’re still the same cohesive group.

You’ve been with your friends, you’ve been fighting with them, and now you’re going through a lot again, but I’m sure you can handle everything. It doesn’t matter if anyone believes in you or not.

I guess I can’t tell a lot on this blog just because it’s too personal, but all I can do now is write and I did it. Maybe I’ll update this letter later.

In conclusion, you can do anything, if you ever have a hard time, just read this letter and you’ll remember everything that you’ve been through and you’ll realize that nothing is impossible!